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We find data on any given topic.
And present it with insightful visuals.

Because you got an idea for a new project. You want to be well-informed.

Just tap in our experience, tools and growing network of experts.

Your will get: report / moodboard / table / video / mind–map / pitch-deck / etc.

Selected works
Catalogue of robotic innovations mimicking animals and insects. Toys, industrial, emergency and other specific robots.
Organic / Fluid UIs
List of texts and visuals regarding organic and fluid interfaces. Clearly a trend for unusual and big data operating software.
Ecosystem Philosophy
Collection of insights about the market of ecosystems and platforms. Features, functions, cases etc.
Intimate Innovations
Every type of new software, hardware and social concepts around dating, relationships and sex.
Emoji Language
Every single piece of articles, images, videos and products related to emojis. Art, apps, ads, studies, toys etc.
Past, present and future of crowdinvesting platforms. Industry-wide, blockhain-based and trending.
Remote Team Tools
Tools and methods to manage your remote team of any size.
Future TV
Collection of apps, concepts, companies and technologies fueling telecommunication medium.
Design Case Studies
Dozen of design process longreads about brands and products.

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Entrepreneurs, designers, technologists.
Startups, studios, firms and agencies.
Dreamers, builders, vendors.

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