Discovery Services
We find relevant data on any given topic and present it with telling and insightful visuals
Our broad interests include emerging techology, design and business as a set of human development tools
Since we are immersed in context unlike your virtual assistants and make real world decisions unlike your large agency consultants. Focus on your core business and let us do the research
Using advanced techniques from our everyday practice, latest digital tools and the growing network of contacts. We discover the most relevant things for your creative inspiration and ideation
Text–based content and annotated links/videos/images in Hackpad or Dropmark, CloudApp collage of visuals, Airtable spreadsheet, mind–map or a Readymag presentation as an extra
Researches we've done
Spider Octobot, AirJelly, Hexbug, SmartBird, RoboFish and 17 other robotic animals and insects were included in the research for own Robotic Zoo experience concept

Future of Museums
In 2014 we've found 106 items of mobile apps, augmented reality tech, virtual reality tours, interactive installations, kinetic sculptures, trends, forecasts and concepts for museums

Digital Fashion
12 customization and on-demand trend articles, 101 links of the most popular custom printing & embroidery services, digital fashion and art projects were selected for a startup report

Video References
In 2014 we researched a set of 41 YouTube and Vimeo references — territory branding videos, introductory movies for world forums and some corporate infographics for oil companies

Competitors List
Beginning of 2015 brought us around 35 Google Docs competitors so far, and growing since there is a constant interest in different specific tools for collaborative writing. We've made a list to track them

Organic UI Trend
Started in 2012 and continuing research of the organic, generative and liquid UI design trend contains 49 items of apps, games, static and animated infographics, UI elements and other references

Airbnb Womb Rentals
A list of 13 Airbnb places for rent that are listed as entire homes and furnished with at least one Womb Chair (designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948) were found for Knurture company

Luxury Go Equipment
11 unique gobans, furniture and other equipment were collected and collaged as a moodboard for the investor presentation of the private weiqi (go/baduk) game club network

Wayfinding & Signage
63 product videos, articles and prototypes regarding innovations and different creative practices in wayfinding and signage were collected for this trends report

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  • serial/parallel entrepreneur
  • wannapreneur
  • designer
  • creative technologist
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  • pre–startup
  • startup
  • design studio
  • pop–up project
Medium Team

  • design bureau
  • startup studio
  • consulting firm
  • marketing agency
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Coral Reef Scratching
$100 / per item, select one
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Mariana Trench Hunt
On request / per project, e.g.
  • direct contact to grow your business
  • essential tool to satisfy your needs
  • best article / book to dig the topic
  • precise framework to make things
  • data / infographics for a new article
  • search direction to make you unstuck
  • set of tools / resources for any goal
  • selected leads for your b2b–startup
  • tech / design references in any field
  • finest visuals for your presentation
  • full competitors list for any business
  • meditating search for a creative leap
  • apps' match&mix for a new project
  • forecasts & future concepts list
  • custom framework for your next idea
  • thoughtful product design consulting
  • all–around overview for a new tech
  • brainswarming session of creatives
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Very rarely it happens that there is absolutely nothing about your request. That means that the research successfully found nothing. Just because there is nothing.
It's a great surprise for us and hopefully a luck for you!
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